GLENBROOK- Testimonial


Starting with an older established house situated in the lower blue mountains with the aim to create a contemporary modern design was never going to be easy. Do we knock it down and start over or work with what is good and re imagine how things could look.

After doing our research and reviewing some of Dan’s completed projects, Liz and I chose to renovate. As for council approvals, unexpectedly this was quite straight forward thanks to Dan.

Did we make the right decision to renovate? An interesting debate with the builder but my view is absolutely YES. Dan was able to overlay our new design and do so very accurately so the sub floor, exterior walls and major features of the site were retained and/or improved.

A project like this was not going to be straight forward and Dan was always there to guide and advise us through the process. Dan is very easy to communicate with and for me being very time poor this was extremely important. Dan also has a great sense of humor, he is honest, genuine and has a broad network of contacts.

When it comes to budgeting, Dan provided a cost estimate right at the beginning that is now shaping up to be spot on. This is reassuring as nobody likes unwelcome financial surprises when building.

Dan is a talented designer which comes through in the quality and delivery of his work. My wife Liz is extremely detailed, knows what she wants and is quite the perfectionist.

Liz gives Adan Creative Designs a 10/10, therefore so do I 🙂

Dan and Liz Alderton