TWIN CREEKS – Testimonial


After spending a considerable amount of time researching to find the right block of land, we purchased a one acre block that would provide a better lifestyle due to its location and have a pleasing outlook by means of surrounding views.

We then knew we had to source a Building Designer  that could design a home by thinking outside the box, maximize the potential of what we had purchased, listen to what we wanted and create a home that, in very simple terms, could exceed our expectations.

Working with Daniel Briffa of Adan Creative Designs was certainly the easiest part of the build. We agreed on a concept after only two meetings. Daniel then made life easy by managing council submissions and all documentation, leaving us to plan the build. Once the build started Daniel supported us all the way through the build.

In conclusion, what was our thoughts of the partnership with Adan Creative Designs? Very simple we smile every day we drive down our driveway, open the front door and walk around our home, and we have Adan Creative Designs to thank for that. Paul & Samantha